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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why Merida????

Over the years we have visited a variety of locations within the country of Mexico. We have found a fondness for the Mexican culture, people, architecture and over all hospitality offered by the country as a whole. Throughout our Mexican travels we have fallen in love with the city of Merida, and surrounding areas.

Merida holds a wonderful flavor of old and new accented by the love of the arts evident through the entire city. Merida is considered the Soho of Mexico. The art is amazing and quite readily available with galleries and museums city wide along with open air displays in many areas.

The city itself has a wonderful location in that it is approximately 12 miles to the beach of Progreso. Located through the Yucatan are many archaeological ruins enhanced with the history and warmth of a wonderful Mayan culture. The nearby town of Celestun is a haven to thousands of beautiful flamingos. The cool turquoise waters of the Cenotes are welcoming through the entire Yucatan Peninsula. Merida is houses the oldest Cathedral on the North American continent, opened for mass daily. The difference between the Mexican culture and Mayan culture create a very unique climate. The city of Merida has a strong French and Lebanese influence. This influence is evident in the wonderful flavors and architecture within this beautiful city.

On nearly any night of the week one will find free live entertainment in a number of the cities parques. Each little barrio host its own square to include parque, church and fresh food market. Many of these squares also host eateries. Throughout the city many varieties of restaurants are available from the little taco cart to ceviche to full high end 5 star meals, without the 5 star price.

For quite some time we have had an interest in living a more comfortable pace on a much more reasonable budget than our current residence of Colorado, U S A. Merida has a lifestyle for every budget. Merida has everything that we are looking for to create a wonderful life for ourselves. We are now beginning the process of evaluating the barrios of Merida to make our selection. We are committed to making Merida our home.

This city takes my breath away.

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